It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Anyone else on the tippy fucking top of the wonderful roller coaster that what the fuck Wednesday provides? If you need a ride hit me up cuz today is one that could use company. For starters, I literally just now plunked my ass on the couch to write this and my coffee cup tipped andContinue reading “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!”

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Oh just drop whatever the fuck you are thinking about or are doing and say fuck it. Life is too short to worry about everything you have not had time to do or are scrambling to get done. Give yourself a fucking break! I started my Fuck It Friday off right, I actually got upContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Whoot, whoot, chug-a-chugga…. hop on the Fuck It Friday train! The most fucking fabulous day of the week. Let’s fuck it! What a fucking week this has been. It is a colossal of fuck it’s coming your way. There’s a fucking heat wave! No joke, it has been so hot where I am that IContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

Fuck It Friday!

Ooohhhh, it is my favorite day of the long ass week! Fuck it Friday. The kids have been absolute gems all week, everything went perfectly, you worked, you cleaned, you cooked, oh my gawd, who the fuck am I trying to lie to? It was shit none of that really happened! But……… Wahoo! you allContinue reading “Fuck It Friday!”