It’s Fuck It Friday!

Standing in the far right corner weighing in at the end of the long week…..Fffffuuuuccccckkkk iiitttt…in the far left corner weighing in…Fffrrriiidddaaayyyy!!!!! ***applause*** That’s right! Let them get together for Fuck It Friday! The only day you can forget all the shit you have not done and just chill. Well, it fucking snowed in ManitobaContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

My weekend tradition of getting up early and promoting my crap has arrived! It’s always such a good time sharing something. As a person who grew up in small towns in the mountainous valley’s I very much miss it. I never wanted to raise my kids in the fucking city but as luck would haveContinue reading “Shameless Self Promo Saturday!”

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Oh just drop whatever the fuck you are thinking about or are doing and say fuck it. Life is too short to worry about everything you have not had time to do or are scrambling to get done. Give yourself a fucking break! I started my Fuck It Friday off right, I actually got upContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy fucking hump day! Not far enough to be the weekend and just far enough it is not the beginning of the week. Today’s what the fuck comes to you from sleep deprived miserable kids, who don’t have a cord to continue being sleep deprived miserable shits. Yesterday my daughter asked me to get herContinue reading “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!”