It’s Fuck It Friday!

Get the fuck its’ rolling, like the river flowing through the tree covered mountains. Let them go, watch life get just a little bit better releasing that shit! My all time favorite day of the week, where saying fuck it never gets old and the finger never tires of being flipped. This last week IContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Let us all come together, stand up and say….. fuck it! The day of the week where all fucks to give have run out, there’s no more in the bottom of the magical basket sooooooo fuck it! If you haven’t completed those tasks you still need to do today is not the day for thatContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy hump day to you…happy hump day to you! Happy fucking hump day to everyone….happy hump day tooooooo youuuuuu. You and I both know you just sang that shit in your head with the happy birthday tune! hahahahaha you’re welcome! It is what the Wednesday and I am starting by having slept in,wtf? ut itContinue reading “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!”

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Whoot, whoot, chug-a-chugga…. hop on the Fuck It Friday train! The most fucking fabulous day of the week. Let’s fuck it! What a fucking week this has been. It is a colossal of fuck it’s coming your way. There’s a fucking heat wave! No joke, it has been so hot where I am that IContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

Fuck It Friday!

Ooohhhh, it is my favorite day of the long ass week! Fuck it Friday. The kids have been absolute gems all week, everything went perfectly, you worked, you cleaned, you cooked, oh my gawd, who the fuck am I trying to lie to? It was shit none of that really happened! But……… Wahoo! you allContinue reading “Fuck It Friday!”