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My books are offered on a range of platforms, from paperback to digital. Below is a listing of my work and where to read them. Get in touch below for more information on how to obtain a copy of your own.

So You’re Not Supermom…

Volume 1: True stories of my life as a mom. Some words of wisdom that I learned the hard way. My honest opinion on parenting with f-bombs everywhere.

The Needy Mother

The needy mother: A short story about struggling to care for a less than perfect parent who now needs her daughter while teaching her own children compassion.

Volume 2 Pre Order!

So You’re Not Supermom….It’s Ok volume 2: More true stories of my life as a mom. Continued words of wisdom that I learned the hard way. F-bombs everywhere.

The Artist

The artist was written for Sheri D Wilson Poet Laureate’s legacy project based on a beautiful local artist here in Calgary.

A Way of Letting Go

A way of letting go ….. A short story about love for books and how they can change one’s life.

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Never The Same Again

Never the same again: A brief insight into how life always changes and we change with it.

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