Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

I am going to make this shit quick as I am out camping for the weekend. Wahoo sunshine and relax! Fuck yeah!

You can get both So You’re Not Supermom It’s Ok! Free to download until tomorrow night.

And the Needy Mother is free to download too which is a short story.

They are fucking free go get them. You wont lose anything except maybe a couple hours reading if you don’t enjoy them.

But how are you going to know if you don’t try?

Have a wonderful shameless Self Promo Saturday!

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Dundaladadun….if you tried reading that word kudos to you, I didn’t even know how to spell that shit! But it’s Fuck It Friday so, fuck it, I will just leave it.

Welcome to wonderful day of the week where you can say fuck it along with me. This weeks fuck it list consists of:……..

Hubby coming home last night from work asking if I accomplished the laundry he kindly asked me to do so he wouldn’t be going naked today. Nope I sure as shit did not, he ended up doing it himself last night, today I’ll probably say fuck it too. Clothes are overrated right?

My house has substantially started to stay cleaner as the boys aide enforces chores twice a week. So those dishes left from last night? Fuck it, the little shits can complete them today.

My garage is getting full of wonderful dangles and stumps of creation, I am told I will have to start giving some away as my husbands man cave has now been taken over by me. I would rather sell them as I have no income but nobody wants that crap. Fuck it, if anyone is interested in a piece get in touch.

Book sales have still been low, it sucks monkey balls, it is not about the money I just want people to enjoy the shit. Fuck it, they are free to download this weekend on amazon kindle and free on kindle unlimited regularly. Go get the shit, everyone likes free.

I got up super early today as my dogs woke me to go out. I thought about going back to bed but, you guessed it! Fuck it, I made coffee and watched the sunrise. It was fucking gorgeous.

Now I am off to find other things to say fuck it to! Ahhhhh how amazing Fuck It Friday makes me feel. Have a wonderful fucking day and drop me your fuck it list this week.

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy fucking midweek not yet the weekend but the beginning of the week is over! My least favoruite day of the week, I dont know why but this is the most day of every week ever! So here we go.

It has actually been a fairly quiet week for me, what the fuck man, I worry about what storm is going to crash into my life as the calm has been decent.

Aside from the fact that I have no job and the days just meld into one very long one most the time, I have been lucky. My boy is back sleeping by himself for now, the youngest has made huge strides with his worker and the teenagers haven’t got themselves into any new shit lately.

It is actually nice to have a break from all the shit that has happened lately. I find myself in the garage a lot making random driftwood art to pass the time and I fucking love it. I have never been the type of mom to be a stay at home one. It drives me crazy not working, I love my kids but they drive me fucking crazy except, right now I find myself enjoying it.

It definetly helps having someone come three times a week to work with the youngest two who are more than a handful and that I have found something I very much enjoy doing outside of my writing. It is good to be diverse in life.

So here is to a what the fuck wednesday that is enjoyable. I cannot believe I just typed that shit what the fuck. I am going to have coffee and bathe in this shit today.

Hope your hump day doesn’t hump you the wrong way!

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

My weekend tradition of getting up early and promoting my crap has arrived! It’s always such a good time sharing something.

As a person who grew up in small towns in the mountainous valley’s I very much miss it. I never wanted to raise my kids in the fucking city but as luck would have it I have had to.

This piece is about getting old, ill, selling a childhood home and having to leave behind a town that is loved while looking for the good in the situation.

For Sale

Today marks the end of a road
I’ve raised my family and grown old

As my health falls short of what I need
I must now say goodbye and leave

As I watch the sun kiss the mountain prairies
It’s a bitter sweet end to the life I carried

A place built of love, blood, sweat and tears
A new life chapter suddenly appears

I never thought this day would come
The one where I must give this to someone

Falling for this place was very easy
The beauty captured me ever so deeply

Today when I look around
Fond memories in my head are found

Even though my eyes well up
My heart is full, no empty cup

I know the next one will love it as much
And fill these halls with laughter and such

For they can raise their little ones
In a town you can know everyone

I do hope to return to my small towns one day. Do you have a favorite place you had to leave? I have a couple and love visiting. Someone take me back to the mountains.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Got something to share? Drop that shit below.

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Oh just drop whatever the fuck you are thinking about or are doing and say fuck it. Life is too short to worry about everything you have not had time to do or are scrambling to get done. Give yourself a fucking break!

I started my Fuck It Friday off right, I actually got up at five am, no reason, did not need to be up, looked at the clock, fuck it. I went back to bed and I slept in until now which is not super sleeping in but it is for me! With the days I have had lately every tiny minuscule bit counts to keep my ass going.

I have avoided the inevitable cleaning and will avoid it today, I am headed out to harvest local driftwood for crafting, when I am stressed I craft, it is very relaxing for me, so my house is not fucking perfect, fuck it, I need sanity.

I should probably go grocery shopping today, my house is not empty but running low on the snacks my children fucking devour daily, however I am not keen on gearing up with masks n shit to go do that, fuck it, I will send the husband tonight. Poor bastard, almost always ends up being the one to suffer it, luckily he doesnt argue much about it lol.

Jhmmmm what else can I say fuck it to today? It is still early and I have not finished even one cup of coffee yet, I have to get kids up, head to the support workers house and go harvest wood, fuck it I am going to be late for that shit, not extremely just enough to have a second cup of coffee and get gas, sorry hunny it is my fuck it Friday!

My fuck it list begins…..up early=fuck it, sleep in, non sparkling house=fuck it, get outside, groceries needed=fuck it, they aren’t starving to death with what’s here, running late=fuck it, make it later, stressed=fuck it, do something that makes you happy, today’s list is going to continue to be fun!

What’s on your fuck it list? Do you have one? If you do not I suggest you get on that shit, it is nice to say fuck it and just relax, you can’t always do everything you know. Drop your fuck it list here, thats what this shit is for.

Have a Fabulous Fuck it Friday all!

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy hump day to you…happy hump day to you! Happy fucking hump day to everyone….happy hump day tooooooo youuuuuu. You and I both know you just sang that shit in your head with the happy birthday tune! hahahahaha you’re welcome!

It is what the Wednesday and I am starting by having slept in,wtf? ut it was after falling alseep around two am or so snuggled up with the nine year old boy on the couch. Again for the second night in a row. My poor boy has had some rough nights, crying, nightmares and needing lots of extra love.

Now you might be asking why so late? No? Well that doesn’t fucking matter as I am going to say anyway.

Bedtime rolls around last night 9 pm, get them all in bed, even the older ones. One at a fucking time they slowly crept out of their rooms for something. Slowly I kick them all to bed again so I can get the boy to sleep, 1030 pm rolls around all is quiet, dogs want out, ugh. Ok grab my smokes, head out with dogs, I was gone maybe five fucking minutes, it was not very long.

Come back in, every fucking kid was in the kitchen, I mean all of them, they pulled out, veggies n dip, crackers, nuts you name it, if it was snacky they were fucking eating it. “Oh hey mom we are having a snack party” I swear my eyes must’ve bugged out of my head when I said this “are you fucking kidding me, it is nearly 11 at night! and what the fuck is a snack party?”

Well apparently it’s where they all just eat every fucking thing they can find and chat and giggle and keep each other up. This “snack party” went on until nearly fucking midnight! Although I was exhausted from running on four hours of sleep max it was nice to see them all get along and I was able to catch up with the teenagers as I dont see them much.

But for real them little shits need to learn to eat at regular fucking times, ok all back in bed, me n baby boy snuggling, watching a show on the couch. So not comfortable, my couch is hard, skinny and short and my sons body is like a fucking furnace, with this heat already it was making me sweat puddles.

Two am rolls around gotta take the dogs out and use the bathroom, I am not sure who has the fucking smaller bladder honestly, my five pound horkie, twenty pound collie or me. It is ridiculous how much the three us go. Take dogs out, just as I was walking back in the door, I hear “mom, mom, mom, mooommmmm”

Come up the back stairs through the kitchen, daughter is in the bathroom yelling for me, she needed help, but locked the fucking door. Ugh! Thank the fucking husband when he chose handles the other year when we replaced the doors he chose ones you can just use a knife or coin to unlock from the outside.

I mean it really fucking sucks having those handles when you’re the parent and trying to lock yourself away to hide but they are beneficial when the kids lock them and then yell for help. There was nothing fucking wrong, she literally just had a question! Yes a fucking question that apparently could not wait until she was out of there. I am going to fucking have to work on their rankings of imporatance I think.

And all of that is why I am starting my day late! Ugh, the boys worker comes today too and I just fucking hope the boys don’t kill her being miserable little shits from not sleeping! I am sooooo sorry lady, I really did try to get them to sleep, good luck to you today!

Well gotta get my fucking ass going for the remainder of this What The Fuck Wednesday, coffee lots of fucking is on the docket, any one wanna bring me some?

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Welcome back to the day of the week I throw my shit in your face. Sometimes it’s a random poem, a random highlight of the lgbtq+ anthology (please check out the submissions page) but today it’s a freebie rant read from the book So You’re Not Supermom….It’s Ok!

Now, I just have to decide which rant to throw at you. Funny since I have so many it’s hard to choose. I think given current days and people constantly saying I don’t know how you do when the best answer is one day at a time. I will pick ………

In Bed, But Asleep?

The day has finally fucking ended!
They have gone to bed!
And finally stopped coming out after
Fifty, I love you’s
Twenty, I need a drink’s
Ten, I have to pee’s
Five, can I have a snack’s
And at least three, come tuck me in’s
Plus the bonus rounds of:
Go see why they are fucking screaming their little heads off at each other when they should be in their actual beds.
It’s over!
They are silent!
They finally went to sleep!
You fucking hope!
So with that bit of hope you lay yourself down.
In doing so because you’re so exhausted from the day, you sleep!
You sleep like a fucking rock!
So much so that you don’t hear the little fuckers getting up in the middle of night.
So you wake at whatever time you have to get up, to situations like these:
Your son sleeping in bed with a batch of banana peels and half eaten bananas. Moshed and mushed everywhere!
The cupboard empty of school snacks. Even though you just bought a hundred dollars worth of them!
The Halloween candy you hide on the top of the fridge down with a chair next to it. Wrappers leading to the culprit!
The fridge or freezer wide open and everything warm or thawed. Get ready to cook all day!
Ten Christmas gifts unwrapped, including yours that didn’t belong to who did it. You cannot repackage with ripped boxes! I tried!
Half of a watermelon on the bedroom rug, mixed with a very large container of heluvagood onion dip and your soup ladle hanging out of it.
Of course with that last one it’s not just on the rug, but the walls, the beds and even the ceiling! Walk out! Just walk out!
Ahhh yes, they are finally asleep!
Or so you fucking thought!
Truth is, they know!
They go silent just long enough for you to relax and enter your dream world!
Then the little fuckers get back up and get into shit!
A lot of shit!
It’s like they can’t help themselves!
Like they were bored or starved all fucking day long!
Even though, you may have
Gone to the park.
Went skiing.
Went for two walks.
Fed them three full meals.
Plus fifteen snacks.
It didn’t make a bit of fucking difference.
They still got up!
You will be shocked at what they can accomplish in the middle of the nights when you sleep blissfully.
It’s going to suck when you find out but you will just lose your shit momentarily, then clean it up.
You might do things differently after, like check on them to make sure they are snoring before you go snore.
But that’s what we do!
We learn, we adjust, we keep going, because we still love them.
Because we still need to raise them.
Because they still need us.
So just be there.
In the end, these moments will be cherished.

Words of Wisdom
If you lock it
They figure that lock out

Ahhh yes, sleep still eludes me, between kids, nightmares, tears and stress but I still get up everyday and continue on.

Moms, dads, stepparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or whoever you are surviving days like these always remember you are wonderful, loving caregivers.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Don’t forget to go purchase these lovely, full of shit books!

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Whoot, whoot, chug-a-chugga…. hop on the Fuck It Friday train! The most fucking fabulous day of the week. Let’s fuck it!

What a fucking week this has been. It is a colossal of fuck it’s coming your way.

There’s a fucking heat wave! No joke, it has been so hot where I am that I am so not enjoying it. My house has no air conditioning and the fan just circulates the same temperature all the fucking time. No way to cool off=fuck it, I am most likely going to lay spread eagle, almost naked (my kids frown upon me being nude), on my couch, fan blowing right up in there just to survive. Sorry, not sorry, I have no shame in that with the weather right now.

Sleep deprived in the days passed and the days to come, who needs sleep anyway? Well? Actually I do, I love my sleep, but since it seems to elude me a lot lately I rely on naps. No Sleep=fuck it, taking some time just to be down, even if it is not an actual sleep, this bitch is taking a fucking fake nap, where I pretend the world does not exist and ignore it all.

Emotions running full force, what the fuck is going on there? No it is not my usual hormonal monthly cycle. Although that may play a minimal part at some point ugh! It is the heart breaking, not knowing what to do next and trying to do everything at the same time. Fucking exhausting! Fucking emotions=fuck it, I will keep that shit flowing until it cannot flow any more.

Days upon days of crying, when life throws me not just one lemon, but a fuck ton bucket of the bitches, what do I do? Well, obviously I fucking cry like a little bitch and start a lemonade stand. There is times I just can’t do it alone and that is okay with me. Lemons=fuck it, I am surrounding myself with loved ones and sharing the bitter shit. It has sweetened it just enough to be bearable.

Ditching the job to ensure I am there. Oh yeah this has been fucking fun, especially since my kids are the typical ages of assholeism. No job=fuck it, when them babies need me I am there and they are my priority. Also yeah, yeah, assholeism, probably is not a real word but whatever. This is my blog, I can write however I want.

Which brings me to the next, When I haven’t had a single fucking sale of the shit I spew out, pour my every extra moment and income into in over a month, so fucking depressing. It goes along with words of others who may try to tell me it is not worth it. Nay sayers=fuck it, I am going to write that shit anyway, I know I don’t do it for others, fame or fortune but for me. So I am letting them fingers dance along the keyboard and getting it out.

So life is not always the way I want it, I especially know that at this moment it is not the way I want it but fuck it, fuck it all!

I will always continue to raise my kids, write my swears and do whatever it takes to move forward. Move forward, even just that one tiny little fucking millimetre at a time.

Ahhhhh Fuck It Friday, I do so very much enjoy saying fuck everything on this day. Do you want to say fuck it to something with me? Leave your Fuck It Friday below. Trust me you will feel at least a little better.

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well well, the tip top hump of the week has finally showed itself. Have you ever just woke up from sleep and automatically thought wtf was that? Then as you walk through your house everything you see is just like wtf? how? when? who?

It’s like clue! How fun! let us figure this out shall we!

Eyes open five am, ugh, I do not even need to fucking be awake yet but here I am. I attempted to roll back over and ignore the world of consciousness since I have not slept a lot and let me just say heavy fucked up dreams to go with it. Anyway, roll out of bed, robe, up the stairs.

Back door, open, again, for the third day in a fucking row. I swear I close and lock my doors every night. Pretty sure I am even a little OCD and do it a few times. All kids in bed then I go to bed. hhhmmmm, I wonder?

Kitchen junk drawer, wide open, shit all over the counter and floor. What the fuck, there is literally only fucking junk in it, for real odds and ends of crap. I should clean it out. hhmmm did someone break into my house to rummage my junk drawer?

Front closet, shoes all pulled out, there is like a hundred pair cuz you know I have a shit ton of kids, reusable bags thrown everywhere, old purses, jackets, hats and the like that just gets crammed up in there for storage. Was this person who came in the back door and ravaged the junk drawer now in need of shoes, coat and a purse?

Why would someone three days in a row break in and do such a thing, oh shit! Maybe I should go count kids just to make sure they are here and sleeping.

Room one, boys, phew, room two, boys, phew, room three, girls, oh thank god, room four, youngest, oh good he is here too, wait a minute. The floor is covered in, reusable bags, old wallets, random screwdrivers, papers, pens, oh for fuck sakes!

That little shit has been getting up throughout the night, opening the doors and looking for things to get into ugh! For three fucking days, I dunno what he has been looking for but I do know I have to invest in more melatonin. the house ran out about three days……..oh shit! Putting that on today’s pick up list for sure!

See that was fun, right? Just like clue. Except it is real life with kids!

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday!

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Well hello to the day I wake up and share some random amount of something to highlight my work! Today I am not really sure what to share, book, anthology, or poetry. What crap shall I toss around the internet hmmmmmm?

Let me count the amount in my folders, one, two, three, skip those few, ten, eleven ohhhhhhhhh.

There’s the one……News!

As the words echoed through the phone
I stopped listening, my mind went alone

Memories flashed of it all
The hurt, the pain, the love I felt

Like a heavy dark cloud above my head
The words rang through and out instead

How can this be, how can you choose
I cannot imagine being in your shoes

We weren’t perfect, nothing is
How unfair you decided this

To walk this path all alone
Don’t do that, don’t turn to stone

They have every right to know
To want to be there when you go

Don’t allow your fear of all this
Force regrets upon their bliss

They loved you then, now and always will
Even after you cannot tell them still

If not for you, then for them
Allow them to love you to the end

We all too often fear what’s to come, we choose to push away those who care because of our fears. Don’t allow what you have left become stolen time. Missed chances and opportunities, it is those left behind that feel the guilt of it.

Let them love you, especially in the darkest parts of life, so they can learn to enjoy the light.

Much love all. Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday ❤❤

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