Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Yes! Saturday! Shamelessly throwing my shit in your face haha. It is not like I don’t do this daily anyway but in the writing community it is the day we do it without anyone bitching about it really.

So here is my crap: you know you want it, it is fanfuckintastic crap!

My paperback order just arrived, exciting, I know. I have both volumes in stock. $15 CAD each with shipping in Canada, $20 CAD each with shipping in USA. You want them signed? sure I won’t even charge you. I think it is bullshit some people charge extra for this but that is just my opinion. I will even throw in a bookmark or 2 just in case the kids decide to do something stupid while you’re in the middle of reading it. Trust they probably will.

Wine tumblers in stock, drink that water, juice, alcohol whatever fancies you with a sweet little bit of my words of wisdom. $30 CAD each or 2 for $58 CAD. shipping is about $20 CAD per cup, I know I am sorry but I cannot control the fucking postal expenses. They suck!

Coffee mugs in stock, want that morning pick me up saying so you can feel better about the kids running around being assholes? I got yeah covered. These are honest little words of wisdom if you have kids you know they are no lie! $20 CAD each or 2 for $38 CAD. Again shipping is $20 CAD per, I get it that seems like a rip off and I agree but they are worth it.

If you made it through reading all that shit I threw at you, I thank you. Now one last thing.

I have a call for submissions for an LGBTQ+ anthology, this project is very dear to me. It is non-profit. I am investing my own money and proceeds will be donated. Please share my submissions, tell friends, family and colleagues. I only need 20 people to participate by the end of November.

Happy shamelessly self promoting all.


Shameless Self Promo Saturday

This is going to be the most fucking epic shameless self promo Saturday EVER!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS IS LIVE! yes I am putting together a non-profit LGBTQ+ anthology. Go get the details from the submissions page! or click submissions. This is a project I am very excited and proud to be putting in place finally. It took me along time to figure out how to memorialize my father.

PAPERBACKS ON THE WAY! Finally, these beauties have left Amazon in print. I am extremely proud of my So You’re Not Supermom Series, I think they are fabulous but I am biased so find out for yourself. They are $15.00 CAD per book with shipping in Canada and $20.00 CAD per book with shipping in USA. You can also purchase ebooks for $0.99 on Amazon, Google Play Books, and Smashwords.

MUGS, BOOKMARKS & SHIT! My shop is open, I still have some inventory and the wine tumblers should be ready in a couple days. Unfortunately, shipping costs are slightly ridiculous for items and I have no control over that. Trust me I wish I did. But if you reside local to me I will deliver items.

ALL THE WRONG LOVE: Abuse, Betrayal, Forgiveness. This is my memoir, two years in the making and it is so close to being done I can feel the closure and healing. The story I share for my anthology project is a portion of this book. It looks into the depths of my life that stood hidden for a very long time.

That is it, told you it was epic. I am truly very lucky to have come as far as I have in my writing career. I can not wait to continue the growth. Especially sharing own voices from a beautiful community.

Happy Shameless Self Promo all.


🍃🌻Sunshine Blogger Award🌻🍃

A very massive foul mouthed shout out to the most fucking amazing blogging supporter this bitch has. Ms Catarina at Beauty Of Cafe 205. Girl you fucking rock and I truly thank you for thinking of my random shit! You have been such a great follower to have in my life and please do not ever change! You are such a fucking joy with your comments.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who inspire Positiveness and Creativity in the blogging community.

The Rules Are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. List the rules.

3. Display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your blog post.

4. Answer all 11 Questions asked of you by the blogger.

5. Nominate up to 11 New Bloggers to receive the Award and notify them.

6. Create 11 New Questions for your nominees.

Beauty of Cafe 205 Questions For Me

What was the one thing you disliked about quarantine? Has got to be wearing a mask at work all day every day especially since I fucking love my coffee and do not chew gum. This leave a very nasty coffee breath and nobody wants to smell that shit.

Taking trips after quarantine? Fuck I hope so, this mama needs a vacation after trying to home school seven kids, which I completely failed at. Can’t win them all.

Are you quitting your job? Shit I wish I could afford to.

Are you still going to do what you had planned before all this? Well, I really did not have anything planned except camping and that is opening back up, sort of, nature is my home, someone fucking take me home please!

Plain dark coffee or cappuccino? Does a cappuccino have sugar? Can’t handle sweet ass coffee if it does.

What did you like about being at home with your loved ones? Being able to nap, nothing like a good midday sleep to perk my ass up.

What was the funniest movie you watched on Netflix? I do think I even turned that crap on in months.

Why did you start blogging? So I can rant shit that pisses me off as a working parent with the hope other parents can feel not so alone in the struggles.

When did you start blogging? Some time around 2 months ago, I think, maybe, fuck pregnancy brain never goes away.

Favorite quarantine dish you made? Every dish that came from an app on my phone and randomly showed up in front of my door, I probably took too many days off not cooking a damn thing.

Leave a link of your favorite blog post from your blog Shameless Self Promo Book 2 Preview



It’s Fuck It Friday!

I survived, fuck it has been a week for sure! See what I did there? lol Another week coming to a close with a couple days off after today. Another Friday to say fuck it to all the things I still did not accomplish and just revel in the fact that I made it.

I even get to say fuck it to working all day today as I have an appointment that is allowing me to leave at noon. I am excited for that shit . Can you tell?

My daughter is up at six am, apparently has not slept all night playing on her electronics and my fuck it mode said if you are awake to bug me the least you can do is make me a coffee. She gladly did and it is a pretty fucking tasty coffee. She literally just asked for chocolate cookies, fuck it! go ahead, you made me coffee.

As I am going to be off early today, there will be a fuck it I am taking a nap too! I miss my naps, that was always the best part of being off work.

Oh yes Fuck It Friday is the day you can say fuck it to the shit you have put on hold and just relax! If you need help to make a fuck it list just do it like this.

dishes=fuck it, laundry=fuck it, cleaning=fuck it, cooking=fuck it. Yes take everything on that list and add fuck it beside it. Done, you may even thank me for it, the fuck it attitude is a lot less stressful and we all need less stress in life right now.

Happy Fuck It Friday!


It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Ahhh yes, the mid week hump has arrived and bestowed itself upon the world again. I am pretty sure this what the fuck Wednesday started on Monday this week. It has already been such a long fucking week with uphill battles from the start.

Emotions and attitude have been running high as fuck around every aspect of me and it is down right exhausting! Not just my kids, but with work, people at their work, everything! It must be something in the fucking planetary alignments screwing with shit!

I was so run down from the last two days I slept all night! Literally, I did not even get up to pee like I normally do, I heard nothing from the youngest all night, hopefully he slept and did not get into shit. I didn’t hear the dogs bark when the oldest returned last night from his friends house either. You can always tell when a parent has drained themselves to nothing as they actually sleep undisturbed.

I am now up slightly early, still feeling tired as fuck for work. Sitting in the silence of the house just dreading today after the last two days of bullshit from the world around me. I can only hope that the hump of this week allows shit to start settling down. You know like a roller coaster, it ramps up to the top and then just slides to bottom and levels the fuck out where you can finally breath. Yeah that is what I need.

I need to fucking breath, I need this ride to just chill the fuck out. So far the only good thing that has happened is my lovely shirt and beautiful note that arrived! Ellie you totally made my week, cannot wait to wear the shit out that shirt!

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday all, may your ride be ending if it has been a week!


It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Today’s What the Fuck Wednesday must be some kind of calm before the storm. I had a great sleep. I am only up about an hour before my alarm and the the house is quiet. I mean dead fucking quiet.

This has got to be due to having no kids! That’s right absolutely no fucking kids. Alllll week.

How did I get so fucking lucky? Well sometimes being a blended family is nice, I can split them up into directions and with different people and my house falls eerily fucking silent. Let’s be honest nobody in their right mind wants seven kids at once if they didn’t make them.

It does not happen often and I actually have a horrible time dealing with it as i am not used to it.

But I do attempt to enjoy it as well. I do not have to cook, clean, yell, chase or fight any kids and have done nothing the last three days. For real I have accomplished fuck all on all levels, it is fantastic, as well as odd.

While my morning is calm, my night was rested there is still a day of work and tonight for something to happen. I am not being a downer just a realist.

Just to make my What the Fuck Wednesday even better I am going throw in the fact I now have official So You’re Not Supermom….It’s Ok! coffee mugs up for grabs. Get in touch if interested. They are $20 CAD each plus shipping which determining shipping is on my list of shit to do this week.

Happy What the Fuck Wednesday all. Have a fanfuckintastic one!


Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Well I did not post on fuck it Friday, it was part of my fuck it list, a very long list this week. As I was exhausted and spent the evening after work trying to get my kids to clean. Nasty little creatures they are. Gawd I love them though.

A new day and another Saturday to bring on the sweet ass promoting though.

With two books out now of So You’re Not Supermom….It’s Ok! I am not sure which one to put a bit of for today but i did receive a couple more readings from hunnygoddess and you can check those here and here. If paperback is your style get in touch I have a shipment coming!

So I am going throw out something different. This will be in my upcoming memoir later this year. A look into the depths of my life. This is a much lighter section of it, there is some heavy fucking shit in this book.

“At the time I don’t believe any of us truly understood. We were all so young, under the age of about ten. The mentality and comprehension at our ages were not developed enough to realize or make such a decision.
Even today, it is a hard situation that cannot easily be understood or explained. As sat we all agreed that it would be awesome, that we were all okay with it and so the decision was made.
My father was always there for us. He started his journey transitioning into a female. He would still raise us with our mom and life would continue as per usual. At least that was the lie we were told and thought, but it didn’t end that way.
Not long down the life path we moved to a small trailer next to my first school and, of all things, a fucking taxidermy. It was traumatizing.
My room stood to the back of the trailer and out the window the only view was piles of bones. They were stacked against the side of the taxidermy building next door and strewn through the small patch of grass between us. Some of them still fresh enough to have slight remains of flesh and meat, while others had been there for so long they were breaking and decaying. If you want to give a kid nightmares, you’d live there.
Living here had its ups and downs for all of us. Our school was right next door, and that was nice. Things seemed good. Nobody knew us, nobody knew of the transition yet, and we continued on with life.
Until that one day, I still sit here wondering what the fuck it was about. I can only speculate that it had something to do with my dad’s choice to transition. In the nineties, such things didn’t happen in the public eye. Nobody made it known, and you definitely did not do it in a small hick town where all things new and unknown were rejected.”

An excerpt from All The Wrong Love. Abuse Betrayal Forgiveness A Memoir.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Show me what you got and drop a comment below with yours!


It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!!

Honestly, when I went to bed last night I thought this Wednesday would be different. You know since it is only technically a fucking Tuesday for the work week as it was a long weekend. But I was wrong! So very fucking wrong.

Now I still to this what the fuck Wednesday have not figured out why this is the day of the week that is always ridiculously fucking stupid. I have tried it all to not have it happen but fuck me, it always finds a way to be shit!

So here we go my what the fuck Wednesday morning in a nutshell.

It all began on my middle of night pee. 2 AM today, again as I rise from the depth of a decent sleep after having gone to bed early, I make my way upstairs. Ah silence! That is until the youngest yet again calls into the depths of the dark of the hallway from his bedroom.

Heeellooooooo! Who’s there? Mom? Mom?

That little shit knows it’s me I am the only one who gets up at any point throughout the night besides him.

As he exits his room, I hear it, mom I’m hungry. Well of course he is! He’s awake and refused to eat at dinner time which is not unusual and he ate around 9 PM before bed due to his ADHD medications.

Ugh, get a snack and go back to bed already! Well if he didn’t bring me a cold peach tea from the fridge.

Can I have this? Fuck NO! You can not. A: that is not food and B: it has enough caffiene in it to keep you up for days! Food! pick something that requires chewing!

So, he decides on macaroni salad, now he takes forever to eat, like one fucking noodle at a time forever. As I waited for him to finish to get him back to bed, being a woman kicks in. Shoot me now, I swear the older I get the worse it is!

Alright, back in bed, curled up in a fetal position, trying to sleep took a couple hours, alarm goes off, fuck!!!!

Get up do my usual, coffee, meditation, get dressed, pack for work, where the fuck did my keys go?

Yay, seek the keys! What the hell did the 15 year old do with them? He surely didn’t hang them on the key rack where they fucking belong because you know, why the fuck would he do that?

Twenty minutes later after emptying the entire purse, which I should probably clean out, there’s a lot of shit in there, I find them! Ugh off to work, tired, crampy and miserable.

What the Fuck Wednesday? Why do you have to be such a bitch every week?

I give up. I am just going to go with the WTF flow.


Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Oh, yes, another day to fill my feeds with the crap I have published. Today I get to fill it with two sets. Yes, there is officially two books of the shit I spew out now. I know what you might be thinking, how is it possible to have that much? Well seven kids is how.

The good part is, if you enjoyed the first set of shit then you will enjoy the second because it is literally the same just new ones.

You do not have to have kids, be a mom or a woman at all, men count too you know and as the reviews from all types say it is at the very least a good fucking laugh.

So need a laugh? Then buy the fucking books lol. $0.99 each, you can get both cheaper than a cup of coffee and they are great to read with coffee. Mmmmmmm coffee, I am off to make myself some.

Book 1: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CG5JCPY

Book 2: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0871TJW55

Feel free to drop your self promo links in the comments. Happy promoting!


It’s Fuck It Friday!

This one is brought to you by the letter S. The word of the day is Sleepless. Yes sleepless as it has been a sleepless fucking night.

Youngest boy refused to sleep last night, up, down, hungry, playing, drinks, bathroom, you fucking name it he had it all covered. To this moment he still has not passed out, I wish I had half his fucking energy. I figured for sure he would be in lala land by now, but nope, his ADHD is strong and going hard since yesterday. I even tried melatonin which usually does the trick except last night.

So fuck it Friday is equal to absolutely nothing getting done and naps!

Oh there will be naps today outside of that my demeanor truly is fuck it!

I have both clean and dirty laundry piled but fuck it. Dishes that require to be unloaded and loaded into the dishwasher but fuck it. Bathrooms that need to be cleaned but fuck it. Meals that need to be cooked tonight but fuck it.

It’s a long weekend and all that shit can wait and food can be ordered, thank god that is still available to me. This mama is on a fuck it Friday roll and I have no shame in it after a long week of work, kids and cooking.

What are you going to say fuck it to on this lovely, long weekend Friday?


It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Good fucking morning! It is that wonderful time of the week. You know how I know?

Well, middle of the night last night I woke up to use the bathroom. Really that happens every night, my bladder is not the same after being used as a fucking punching bag through six pregnancies but as I was up I thought all were asleep.

The house was quiet, went to take dogs out and I begin to hear, hellooo, hellooooo, who’s there? The youngest fucking wide awake doing an eerily creepy call into the dark abyss of the house.

Now, I figured if I ignored him he would go back to bed. So I take the dogs out. Turn around in the dark to see his face up against the screen door looking out. Not going to lie, slight fucking heart attack there from the little shit.

Moooom, he whispers, I’m hungry. For fuck sake it’s 1 AM get a snack and go to bed. He gets a snack, goes to bed. Okay, good to go back to bed. Nope.

He then decides to come and make it known he needs a shirt. For real he had a fucking shirt on while asking. There was nothing wrong with it, he just did not want to sleep. Like fuck, I was not about to rummage through laundry it was nearly 1:30 AM now. Finally, I convinced him to go back to bed and went myself.

I hate the half awake, half asleep state it’s bullshit. Next thing I know I am wide awake early! Before my fucking alarm for work! I mean, I love seeing a good sunrise but not when sleep eluded me and I am now back to work.

Now this mama is off to work with bloodshot sleepless eyes and not enough caffeine in the fucking world.

How’s your what the fuck Wednesday?


It’s A Fuck It Friday Giveaway!

Well the week has ended and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So this fuck it Friday I have decided fuck it, I want to make some other mama’s happy and give them a good laugh at shit. In order to do that I am hosting 3 giveaways for book 1.

Just so you know you don’t #struggle alone in #parenting.

I will choose 5 mama’s

The price of a card!

I am doing it on instagram @ JNSUPERMOM & Twitter @jess38049045 & Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/jnsupermom/ for more chances…you can click the page names to go directly to them. Go like, share, or comment on the giveaway post to be entered. I will pick 5 from each platform giving more chances. I will draw names tomorrow night May 9 2020 around 6pm mountain time!

Just say Fuck it and enter you have nothing to lose but a chance to win.


It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Oh for fuck sake! It’s Wednesday and it started early today. I mean like 4:30 AM fucking early.

Oh what a peaceful sleep it started out to be, until my ears started listening to the world around me. Hate when they do that shit!

Pew pew, take that. Nooooooo! Ahhhhhh! You can’t win. Raaahhhhh clash, smack, boom. You’re dead. Hahahahahaha!

What in the fuck? As my eyes fluttered and I rolled over to the edge of the bed. Plunking my feet on the ground, I grab my robe and head out to the war I can hear happening.

What do I fucking find? My youngest, playing battle of the guys, what the fuck, it’s 4:30 in the morning!

But I am not tired. I want to play. Can I have a snack? I am hungry.

Are you fucking kidding me? No it’s not time to play, grab a snack and get your ass in bed! Go to sleep for the love of all sanity! Or at least my fucking sanity!

Marched him upstairs, grabbed a snack, put him in bed. Then you know how it goes, you climb back in bed, laying there sort of awake and sort of asleep but neither really fucking happens.

6:45 rolls around, hubby’s alarm goes off, ugh, get out of bed again, haven’t even made it to the coffee maker yet and the fucking cat pukes all over the floor. Fuck me!

Of course dogs are nasty shit and love to eat it, so trying to keep dog away from the vomit pile while getting the paper towel and cleaner was fun. Walk backwards, point finger, repeat no. Ugh! Clean it up, dog sniffs around looking for morsels of vomit, nasty creatures.

Someone bring me some fucking coffee extra espresso shots, PLEASE. It is going to be a long what the fuck Wednesday!


Marketing Monday!

Being an Indie Author is fucking hard work, we all put every bit of us into doing what we can. We are shameless, it’s fucking exhausting.

Therefore, you need to take advantage of things when you can. I came across a wonderful tweet the other day from Keisha Jones with Hunny Goddess Media who was looking for some Indie books to read on her story time platforms. She has done two sections of my book for free. Yes, free, which is fucking fabulous.

She offers to read a teaser of your work to help expand the audience and interest. If you’re looking for some support you can get in touch with her at hunnygoddessradio@gmail.com or http://www.eclecticallybalanced.com

She is a lovely person. While you’re at it you can check out what she has read of mine here and here.

Hope some of you find this useful and get in touch with this amazing lady. We all need to support each other however we can.


Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Here we are, Mother’s Day is coming and you want something extra fucking special! Well why not give her the gift of knowing she is not alone struggling to raise kids. So You’re Not Supermom….It’s OK! Rants of a foul mouthed mom is a fabulous little read to do just that.

Today’s excerpt is from Volume 2 on pre-order now, releases May 16th. Each Volume is only 99 cents on kindle. Cheaper than those flowers and cards your think might be good.

Are those clothes clean?
Laundry, a war nobody can ever fucking win when they have children.
You might get to the bottom of the pile but the second you turn your back?
It’s right back up there, like you didn’t just wash ten fucking loads of the shit!
The most important question to ask about the clothing your kid wears?
Are they clean?
Yes, you want to make sure that the shit you are putting on or using is in fact clean.
My house is absolutely fucking famous for mixing the freshly washed laundry with the nasty shit they just rolled around in all day!
But when you find something clean well it might not actually be fucking clean!
Just the other day I took a clean towel out of the laundry, it looked fresh and smelled fresh.
Yes, I smell the clean laundry!
I have animals and kids!
I need to make sure that shit is clean!
Anyway, I took it out, had my shower and as I was drying off with it, I could see spots of glitter on parts of my body.
No choice now but to finish drying with it.
I’ll be damned if by the end of it, I didn’t look like a fucking unicorn who doused themselves in fairy dust!
That shit was head to toe on me and I sparkled in the sun!
It was ridiculous!
I’m pretty sure it was washed with something of my daughter’s.
You know one of those super cute outfits that sparkle and look all girlie?
Yah, one of those fucking things!
Anytime you reach into those nice clean clothes just make sure they are clean!
It might be glitter filled, dirt filled or food filled, you just never know what you’re going to get.
Don’t stress though just throw it into the dirty pile you tried washing earlier!
Then reach in and grab something else!
Just keep on going until you find something actually clean.
Because you can’t and won’t win against laundry.
It will always get mixed up!
It will never fucking end!
As long as you and them go out smelling and looking clean in what you have on, then you have won that battle!
That’s all you needed to do!
Just win that moments battle!
Because the war on laundry can’t be won.

Words of Wisdom
Even if it looks or
smells clean
Does not mean it is

If you made it the end of this thank you!

Get Volume 1 here

Get Volume 2 here

As well a go fund me is raising funds for my dear friend, please share any all support here


Friday Friendship!

Okay lovely people of the world. I would ordinarily do Fuck It Friday but today is different.

As I mentioned a few days ago in memory monday post a very dear friend of mine had to do the most heartbreaking fucking news to her babies. Their father passed away suddenly at work of a heart attack.

Now she is left to raise 3 kids (15,13,10) on her own and assume all the financial costs for funeral, and whatever else comes her way.

I know the world is a shit place right now and things are fucking falling apart for so many. All I am asking is that you at least share this for me. Please I am fucking begging you. She is the most wonderful amazing person and without her I would not be where I am today.

This woman does so much, she needs a hand up. Thank you to any who share, donate, send messages whatever.

You can view the go fund me page here.


It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

This mornings what the fuck Wednesday is brought to you by, interruption! Ah yes, they love to just come and mess around. At least today it was a good laugh!

I get up early, like five or six in the morning early, I like my fucking coffee with silence and meditation. I do this purposely as my kids are lazy little shits and typically sleep in since there is no school. Of course it did not happen this morning because it is fucking Wednesday!

Smack dab in the middle of meditation the eleven year old wakes, of course, why not? She can’t control when she gets up but she could control bugging me. She just fucking chooses not to. So there I am coffee in hand, trying to do my meditation in peace and she starts talking. As if I can hear a fucking thing, I throw my hands up at her to say so.

All of a sudden she starts acting out ques for charades, okay, this is can do lol. So as she goes along, arms up, arms down, shake yes, shake no, I can not help but start laughing. She gives me the snobby ass preteen look and heads to the kitchen counter. What the fuck for is funnier than shit!

As I watch her, she begins reading the labels of the cleaners I left there. Scoops one up, reads another, scoops that one up and by the time she is ready to head back to me her arms are full. I mean she had like four fucking products, I couldn’t help but giggle!

Walking back to the couch, her arms full, I pause my music and snap photos, yes I am that mom!. She starts setting them down, she begins pointing out certain letters on each, well fuck me! I was laughing so hard at how she went about this there was snorts, tears and fucking laughter for a good ten minutes.

Then I realize three things, first off I should teach her some word scramble she could’ve just used one product bottle, second that girl really needs to work on her spelling and third I need my kids back in school so that I don’t have to teach her either of those fucking things.

Once I figured out what it was, she threw herself back on the couch looking like she had just run a fucking marathon! Then pleased with herself for getting it done and me laughing so fucking hard, she went back to bed. Oh man this is gonna be a long ass year!

I can’t wait for the others to get up, I can only hope they are as entertaining on this What The Fuck Wednesday as she was.


It’s A Monday Memory Day

Alright, this one might slap you hard in the feels, make your eyes tear or cause you to reminisce on something that really fucking sucked.

This past weekend I was reminded that life is short, too fucking short for some. My very good, loving, amazing friend had to tell her children their father passed. All I want to do is go hold her until the pain she feels subsides, to wipe her tears and just fucking be there and I can’t. It kills me, so I am going to do what I do best and share my writing.

I wrote the piece of poetry below around the nine year mark of the loss of my father. I hope that it can be related to for anyone who has suffered through such an event. It’s not fucking easy.

Dreams of those lost
are how they come back to us
As i walk among the silent grounds
Passing all the etched polished stones
I look for you left unmarked
A secret path only in my heart
The trees above shading us
I lay myself down to a rest
Seeking solice atop the grass
I have but only one thing to ask
Please come back just one more time
I miss your guidance in this life
I need you now more than ever
I want just one more day together
A single kiss and hug goodbye
An embrace only you can provide
Just once more to hear you say
I love you my angel, you’ll be okay

Tell the people you love that you fucking love them while you can. Time is not guaranteed to any of us. Make the best of it.


Shameless Self Promo Saturday

Well it is that time people to shamelessly self promote your shit! I have decided to give you a ranting glimpse inside the wonderful bullshit of raising kids from So You’re Not Supermom…It’s OK! Rants of a foul mouthed mom Volume 1.

Let’s be honest the crap you download from the book previews online fucking suck!

Do Ends Meet?
One of the absolute hardest, most defeating parts of raising kids is making ends meet!
You rob Peter, fuck Paul because the kids need to eat.
You rob Paul, fuck Peter because the kids are sick.
You take a loan to pay a loan to get another fucking loan because the utilities are going to be disconnected.
You beg, borrow and steal in every way possible just to realize you’re fucked for another month.
You stand in line at the food bank hoping you don’t run into anyone else you know because your shame and guilt of having to be there is too much.
You stop eating most days and lie to your children that you’re not hungry to ensure they are full before you even go near what’s left on the stove.
You go to bed stressed and crying and you wake stressed and crying not knowing where you’ll find the cash.
You feel like shit while you do it because you feel like you have to.
Yes this is making ends meet in the life of raising kids.

It is all perfectly fine!
I fucking dread bills! Those bastards get paid and by the time that happens the next bastards need to be fucking paid!
Well guess what world?
If you have kids that all made sense and if don’t have kids yet, well it will when you do.
I’m starting to believe nobody ever gets ahead on these things, they never end, they just keep fucking coming!
The good news is since bills will always be there it’s perfectly fine to rob one for the other!
To skip that payment for what your child needs.
To rob a bill just enough to get the little buggars enough food to eat the following month.
The reason?

You put that little human being first!
You are still providing what they need when it’s needed.
You are still a great parent even though you don’t feel like it.
You made it work!
You made it another day, week or month without the kids having to starve or continue to be sick or whatever.
You can now rest easy for a bit knowing all this.
Don’t forget it was you!
You beautiful parent!

Words of Wisdom
Money can’t buy everything
It only buys wants, not needs

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Fuck It Friday!

Ooohhhh, it is my favorite day of the long ass week! Fuck it Friday.

The kids have been absolute gems all week, everything went perfectly, you worked, you cleaned, you cooked, oh my gawd, who the fuck am I trying to lie to? It was shit none of that really happened! But………

Wahoo! you all survived the chaos of the days before, it is Friday the sun is fucking shining, birds are chirping and the day has only begun. I am two coffees in and the kids are still in a state of slumber, man Friday is great.

So what does fuck it Friday mean? Well it means fuck it!

That’s right all those things you think you have to do fuck it.

Laundry piled up?, fuck it. Dishes need to be washed?, fuck it. Kids are trying to beat each other?, fuck it (for real, let them figure out how to deal with their own shit, we are not gonna be here forever.)

Want to binge Netflix?, fuck yeah, do it! Want to take a nap?, that is the absolute fucking best, lay your ass down, you deserve it. Want to pour that drink or crack that beer at one o’clock in the beaming sun?, shit it is always five o’clock somewhere, do it! Don’t want to cook?, no worries teach the kids, it’s about time their ass’s learn how or order in, both fantastic options on a Friday!

Today, all those are my Fuck it Friday list, I have no shame in it either! I work hard to take one day a week and say Fuck it, to everything.

What’s on the docket for your Fuck it Friday?


Thursday’s Unpleasant Thoughts!

I just spent the last two hours listening to my mother talk about her preparation for death! How she is putting money away for this and that, the codes to access everything, the lay out of her will, and all that shit! As if she is going to fucking die any day soon. She is way too stubborn for that shit to happen.

But it got me thinking of when I found my dad passed away in his hospital bed, slumped off the edge, only feet from the nurses station and the shit that followed that dreadful fucking experience of loss. He had nothing. Nothing saved, nothing in order, nothing laid out and it was all left to us children to figure out what the fuck to do on our own.

These processes of life are less than fucking pleasant thoughts to have but in some strange way are so very necessary in ones life. Now how the fuck do you go about crap that you know must inevitably deal with but have no clue how to deal with? Well I don’t fucking know either so if anyone has any advice I would love some.

The only one thing I have ever put in place is life insurance to ensure my little shits do not have to break their banks worrying about how to cover the costs of my demise. That is it, I am not old, but over the last few years a lot of those I have grown up have been taken in untimely ways. I am also not very young anymore either, kind of just fucking stuck in the middle of life.

Maybe it is time to get my own shit together. It is bound to happen eventually, it is inevitable that we all must lay our asses to rest for good at some point.

Yup, that is Thursday’s Unpleasant Thoughts!

Maybe next week I will have something better to spew out of my fucking head. Or at least less dark and disturbing would be just great.

Then again maybe not!


It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Ah yes, it must be fucking Wednesday! Sun isn’t shining, kids are miserable, I am only two fucking coffees in and already I would love to go curl back up into bed!

WTF Wednesday is in full swing this week! How do I know? Well within this very short time of being up, waking my youngest made him absolutely fucking miserable, not a little miserable but to the core everything is pissing him off!

I had to wake him early to ensure he got his ADHD meds today, I could not handle another day of him sleeping in and it being too late for meds to be administered where he literally climbs the fucking walls. I mean literally!

Meds in, not without a fight he went to get himself cereal, not much milk left, which is a typical thing in my house. He however, is throwing a tantrum over it. He poured way too big of a bowl and me not wanting to waste food I went to dump some back in the box. Smart idea right? I thought so too but not so fucking much, yup its now filled with milk remnants, well fuck, there goes a brand new box of cereal.

Youngest all pissed off and impatient as he loves his shit a certain way, I had to send the oldest for milk, thank god for licensed children some days! But if that kid could just close the front door without my walls shaking that would be fucking great too!

Only two kids are up so far cannot wait for the others to open their eyes (insert serious amount of sarcasm here)

Milk arrived, poured and cereal served now equals an unhappy child as he says there is too many cheerios versus the amount of corn pops he poured. Five bites later he is full. (insert my eyes rolling to the back of my head)

Yup all that chaos for five fucking bites of food!

At least he is fed and slightly less miserable at the moment.

Seriously though………

WTF Wednesday WTF!!!!!

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

My weekend tradition of getting up early and promoting my crap has arrived! It’s always such a good time sharing something.

As a person who grew up in small towns in the mountainous valley’s I very much miss it. I never wanted to raise my kids in the fucking city but as luck would have it I have had to.

This piece is about getting old, ill, selling a childhood home and having to leave behind a town that is loved while looking for the good in the situation.

For Sale

Today marks the end of a road
I’ve raised my family and grown old

As my health falls short of what I need
I must now say goodbye and leave

As I watch the sun kiss the mountain prairies
It’s a bitter sweet end to the life I carried

A place built of love, blood, sweat and tears
A new life chapter suddenly appears

I never thought this day would come
The one where I must give this to someone

Falling for this place was very easy
The beauty captured me ever so deeply

Today when I look around
Fond memories in my head are found

Even though my eyes well up
My heart is full, no empty cup

I know the next one will love it as much
And fill these halls with laughter and such

For they can raise their little ones
In a town you can know everyone

I do hope to return to my small towns one day. Do you have a favorite place you had to leave? I have a couple and love visiting. Someone take me back to the mountains.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Got something to share? Drop that shit below.

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Oh just drop whatever the fuck you are thinking about or are doing and say fuck it. Life is too short to worry about everything you have not had time to do or are scrambling to get done. Give yourself a fucking break!

I started my Fuck It Friday off right, I actually got up at five am, no reason, did not need to be up, looked at the clock, fuck it. I went back to bed and I slept in until now which is not super sleeping in but it is for me! With the days I have had lately every tiny minuscule bit counts to keep my ass going.

I have avoided the inevitable cleaning and will avoid it today, I am headed out to harvest local driftwood for crafting, when I am stressed I craft, it is very relaxing for me, so my house is not fucking perfect, fuck it, I need sanity.

I should probably go grocery shopping today, my house is not empty but running low on the snacks my children fucking devour daily, however I am not keen on gearing up with masks n shit to go do that, fuck it, I will send the husband tonight. Poor bastard, almost always ends up being the one to suffer it, luckily he doesnt argue much about it lol.

Jhmmmm what else can I say fuck it to today? It is still early and I have not finished even one cup of coffee yet, I have to get kids up, head to the support workers house and go harvest wood, fuck it I am going to be late for that shit, not extremely just enough to have a second cup of coffee and get gas, sorry hunny it is my fuck it Friday!

My fuck it list begins…..up early=fuck it, sleep in, non sparkling house=fuck it, get outside, groceries needed=fuck it, they aren’t starving to death with what’s here, running late=fuck it, make it later, stressed=fuck it, do something that makes you happy, today’s list is going to continue to be fun!

What’s on your fuck it list? Do you have one? If you do not I suggest you get on that shit, it is nice to say fuck it and just relax, you can’t always do everything you know. Drop your fuck it list here, thats what this shit is for.

Have a Fabulous Fuck it Friday all!

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy hump day to you…happy hump day to you! Happy fucking hump day to everyone….happy hump day tooooooo youuuuuu. You and I both know you just sang that shit in your head with the happy birthday tune! hahahahaha you’re welcome!

It is what the Wednesday and I am starting by having slept in,wtf? ut it was after falling alseep around two am or so snuggled up with the nine year old boy on the couch. Again for the second night in a row. My poor boy has had some rough nights, crying, nightmares and needing lots of extra love.

Now you might be asking why so late? No? Well that doesn’t fucking matter as I am going to say anyway.

Bedtime rolls around last night 9 pm, get them all in bed, even the older ones. One at a fucking time they slowly crept out of their rooms for something. Slowly I kick them all to bed again so I can get the boy to sleep, 1030 pm rolls around all is quiet, dogs want out, ugh. Ok grab my smokes, head out with dogs, I was gone maybe five fucking minutes, it was not very long.

Come back in, every fucking kid was in the kitchen, I mean all of them, they pulled out, veggies n dip, crackers, nuts you name it, if it was snacky they were fucking eating it. “Oh hey mom we are having a snack party” I swear my eyes must’ve bugged out of my head when I said this “are you fucking kidding me, it is nearly 11 at night! and what the fuck is a snack party?”

Well apparently it’s where they all just eat every fucking thing they can find and chat and giggle and keep each other up. This “snack party” went on until nearly fucking midnight! Although I was exhausted from running on four hours of sleep max it was nice to see them all get along and I was able to catch up with the teenagers as I dont see them much.

But for real them little shits need to learn to eat at regular fucking times, ok all back in bed, me n baby boy snuggling, watching a show on the couch. So not comfortable, my couch is hard, skinny and short and my sons body is like a fucking furnace, with this heat already it was making me sweat puddles.

Two am rolls around gotta take the dogs out and use the bathroom, I am not sure who has the fucking smaller bladder honestly, my five pound horkie, twenty pound collie or me. It is ridiculous how much the three us go. Take dogs out, just as I was walking back in the door, I hear “mom, mom, mom, mooommmmm”

Come up the back stairs through the kitchen, daughter is in the bathroom yelling for me, she needed help, but locked the fucking door. Ugh! Thank the fucking husband when he chose handles the other year when we replaced the doors he chose ones you can just use a knife or coin to unlock from the outside.

I mean it really fucking sucks having those handles when you’re the parent and trying to lock yourself away to hide but they are beneficial when the kids lock them and then yell for help. There was nothing fucking wrong, she literally just had a question! Yes a fucking question that apparently could not wait until she was out of there. I am going to fucking have to work on their rankings of imporatance I think.

And all of that is why I am starting my day late! Ugh, the boys worker comes today too and I just fucking hope the boys don’t kill her being miserable little shits from not sleeping! I am sooooo sorry lady, I really did try to get them to sleep, good luck to you today!

Well gotta get my fucking ass going for the remainder of this What The Fuck Wednesday, coffee lots of fucking is on the docket, any one wanna bring me some?

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Welcome back to the day of the week I throw my shit in your face. Sometimes it’s a random poem, a random highlight of the lgbtq+ anthology (please check out the submissions page) but today it’s a freebie rant read from the book So You’re Not Supermom….It’s Ok!

Now, I just have to decide which rant to throw at you. Funny since I have so many it’s hard to choose. I think given current days and people constantly saying I don’t know how you do when the best answer is one day at a time. I will pick ………

In Bed, But Asleep?

The day has finally fucking ended!
They have gone to bed!
And finally stopped coming out after
Fifty, I love you’s
Twenty, I need a drink’s
Ten, I have to pee’s
Five, can I have a snack’s
And at least three, come tuck me in’s
Plus the bonus rounds of:
Go see why they are fucking screaming their little heads off at each other when they should be in their actual beds.
It’s over!
They are silent!
They finally went to sleep!
You fucking hope!
So with that bit of hope you lay yourself down.
In doing so because you’re so exhausted from the day, you sleep!
You sleep like a fucking rock!
So much so that you don’t hear the little fuckers getting up in the middle of night.
So you wake at whatever time you have to get up, to situations like these:
Your son sleeping in bed with a batch of banana peels and half eaten bananas. Moshed and mushed everywhere!
The cupboard empty of school snacks. Even though you just bought a hundred dollars worth of them!
The Halloween candy you hide on the top of the fridge down with a chair next to it. Wrappers leading to the culprit!
The fridge or freezer wide open and everything warm or thawed. Get ready to cook all day!
Ten Christmas gifts unwrapped, including yours that didn’t belong to who did it. You cannot repackage with ripped boxes! I tried!
Half of a watermelon on the bedroom rug, mixed with a very large container of heluvagood onion dip and your soup ladle hanging out of it.
Of course with that last one it’s not just on the rug, but the walls, the beds and even the ceiling! Walk out! Just walk out!
Ahhh yes, they are finally asleep!
Or so you fucking thought!
Truth is, they know!
They go silent just long enough for you to relax and enter your dream world!
Then the little fuckers get back up and get into shit!
A lot of shit!
It’s like they can’t help themselves!
Like they were bored or starved all fucking day long!
Even though, you may have
Gone to the park.
Went skiing.
Went for two walks.
Fed them three full meals.
Plus fifteen snacks.
It didn’t make a bit of fucking difference.
They still got up!
You will be shocked at what they can accomplish in the middle of the nights when you sleep blissfully.
It’s going to suck when you find out but you will just lose your shit momentarily, then clean it up.
You might do things differently after, like check on them to make sure they are snoring before you go snore.
But that’s what we do!
We learn, we adjust, we keep going, because we still love them.
Because we still need to raise them.
Because they still need us.
So just be there.
In the end, these moments will be cherished.

Words of Wisdom
If you lock it
They figure that lock out

Ahhh yes, sleep still eludes me, between kids, nightmares, tears and stress but I still get up everyday and continue on.

Moms, dads, stepparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or whoever you are surviving days like these always remember you are wonderful, loving caregivers.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Don’t forget to go purchase these lovely, full of shit books!

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Whoot, whoot, chug-a-chugga…. hop on the Fuck It Friday train! The most fucking fabulous day of the week. Let’s fuck it!

What a fucking week this has been. It is a colossal of fuck it’s coming your way.

There’s a fucking heat wave! No joke, it has been so hot where I am that I am so not enjoying it. My house has no air conditioning and the fan just circulates the same temperature all the fucking time. No way to cool off=fuck it, I am most likely going to lay spread eagle, almost naked (my kids frown upon me being nude), on my couch, fan blowing right up in there just to survive. Sorry, not sorry, I have no shame in that with the weather right now.

Sleep deprived in the days passed and the days to come, who needs sleep anyway? Well? Actually I do, I love my sleep, but since it seems to elude me a lot lately I rely on naps. No Sleep=fuck it, taking some time just to be down, even if it is not an actual sleep, this bitch is taking a fucking fake nap, where I pretend the world does not exist and ignore it all.

Emotions running full force, what the fuck is going on there? No it is not my usual hormonal monthly cycle. Although that may play a minimal part at some point ugh! It is the heart breaking, not knowing what to do next and trying to do everything at the same time. Fucking exhausting! Fucking emotions=fuck it, I will keep that shit flowing until it cannot flow any more.

Days upon days of crying, when life throws me not just one lemon, but a fuck ton bucket of the bitches, what do I do? Well, obviously I fucking cry like a little bitch and start a lemonade stand. There is times I just can’t do it alone and that is okay with me. Lemons=fuck it, I am surrounding myself with loved ones and sharing the bitter shit. It has sweetened it just enough to be bearable.

Ditching the job to ensure I am there. Oh yeah this has been fucking fun, especially since my kids are the typical ages of assholeism. No job=fuck it, when them babies need me I am there and they are my priority. Also yeah, yeah, assholeism, probably is not a real word but whatever. This is my blog, I can write however I want.

Which brings me to the next, When I haven’t had a single fucking sale of the shit I spew out, pour my every extra moment and income into in over a month, so fucking depressing. It goes along with words of others who may try to tell me it is not worth it. Nay sayers=fuck it, I am going to write that shit anyway, I know I don’t do it for others, fame or fortune but for me. So I am letting them fingers dance along the keyboard and getting it out.

So life is not always the way I want it, I especially know that at this moment it is not the way I want it but fuck it, fuck it all!

I will always continue to raise my kids, write my swears and do whatever it takes to move forward. Move forward, even just that one tiny little fucking millimetre at a time.

Ahhhhh Fuck It Friday, I do so very much enjoy saying fuck everything on this day. Do you want to say fuck it to something with me? Leave your Fuck It Friday below. Trust me you will feel at least a little better.

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well well, the tip top hump of the week has finally showed itself. Have you ever just woke up from sleep and automatically thought wtf was that? Then as you walk through your house everything you see is just like wtf? how? when? who?

It’s like clue! How fun! let us figure this out shall we!

Eyes open five am, ugh, I do not even need to fucking be awake yet but here I am. I attempted to roll back over and ignore the world of consciousness since I have not slept a lot and let me just say heavy fucked up dreams to go with it. Anyway, roll out of bed, robe, up the stairs.

Back door, open, again, for the third day in a fucking row. I swear I close and lock my doors every night. Pretty sure I am even a little OCD and do it a few times. All kids in bed then I go to bed. hhhmmmm, I wonder?

Kitchen junk drawer, wide open, shit all over the counter and floor. What the fuck, there is literally only fucking junk in it, for real odds and ends of crap. I should clean it out. hhmmm did someone break into my house to rummage my junk drawer?

Front closet, shoes all pulled out, there is like a hundred pair cuz you know I have a shit ton of kids, reusable bags thrown everywhere, old purses, jackets, hats and the like that just gets crammed up in there for storage. Was this person who came in the back door and ravaged the junk drawer now in need of shoes, coat and a purse?

Why would someone three days in a row break in and do such a thing, oh shit! Maybe I should go count kids just to make sure they are here and sleeping.

Room one, boys, phew, room two, boys, phew, room three, girls, oh thank god, room four, youngest, oh good he is here too, wait a minute. The floor is covered in, reusable bags, old wallets, random screwdrivers, papers, pens, oh for fuck sakes!

That little shit has been getting up throughout the night, opening the doors and looking for things to get into ugh! For three fucking days, I dunno what he has been looking for but I do know I have to invest in more melatonin. the house ran out about three days……..oh shit! Putting that on today’s pick up list for sure!

See that was fun, right? Just like clue. Except it is real life with kids!

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday!

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Well hello to the day I wake up and share some random amount of something to highlight my work! Today I am not really sure what to share, book, anthology, or poetry. What crap shall I toss around the internet hmmmmmm?

Let me count the amount in my folders, one, two, three, skip those few, ten, eleven ohhhhhhhhh.

There’s the one……News!

As the words echoed through the phone
I stopped listening, my mind went alone

Memories flashed of it all
The hurt, the pain, the love I felt

Like a heavy dark cloud above my head
The words rang through and out instead

How can this be, how can you choose
I cannot imagine being in your shoes

We weren’t perfect, nothing is
How unfair you decided this

To walk this path all alone
Don’t do that, don’t turn to stone

They have every right to know
To want to be there when you go

Don’t allow your fear of all this
Force regrets upon their bliss

They loved you then, now and always will
Even after you cannot tell them still

If not for you, then for them
Allow them to love you to the end

We all too often fear what’s to come, we choose to push away those who care because of our fears. Don’t allow what you have left become stolen time. Missed chances and opportunities, it is those left behind that feel the guilt of it.

Let them love you, especially in the darkest parts of life, so they can learn to enjoy the light.

Much love all. Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday ❤❤

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

That’s right people! Mid week bullshit is in the works! Yay fucking hump day where all the what the fucks come to out play.

This day is starting out fanfuckintastic lol. Kid sleeping on the couch, other kids havent slept yet and I am going to be late for work.

Not because I slept in, have car trouble or can’t get there.

I’m going to be late because my youngest is completely out of his ADHD meds and there is no chance in the depths of hell I can ignore that.

The scenarios under him not being medicated for the day are all outcomes of somebody not surviving. It would either be him, the babysitter or one of his siblings not making it through the day. Then I would get the dreaded phone call at work to come home again and most likely bring at least one of them to the hospital.

We already did the rough, I can’t fucking do this, come home babysitting last week. Soooo yeah not fucking happening!

Just got the email now, I am waitlisted for school, fuck, # 9 on that list. Is it wrong for me to hope people drop out? I mean I think everyone should educate, I just would like to do it this year. *Sigh*

Ohhhhh yay, an email from the education board, kids go back for September! Fuck yeah! This mama is setting a countdown for that shit! Now if people in my city could just get their shit together around spreading covid 19, cases have doubled here in a very short time. My kids need to go back to school. I am not a fucking teacher. I fucking fail at the education my kids need. Please for the sanity of parents pull your heads out of your ass’s.

What The Fuck Wednesday? Any other shit you want to throw at me at 6 am? Or are you good until later today?

It’s also my three year anniversary! I know, I agree, it’s crazy that someone actually married my ass and he has dealt with my bullshit for almost 10 years now! Happy Anniversary XOX

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

This Saturday is more of just a random little fiction story I wrote based on my boys. I called him fidgety Frank!

Much like my little shits who can never sit still fidgety Frank has a hell of a time doing it too and joins his mom for dinner outside the house.

Ahh yes, dinners out, this pretty much sums up every aspect of how it goes when we venture to a public feasting ground.

Fidgety Frank Goes to Dinner

Franks mom knew it was going to be hard. Frank never sat still long enough to finish anything.
He was always rocking, squirming and full of energy that had no escape.
“Frank it is time to go for dinner” his mom said as she packed her bag.
“Okay,” Frank said, as he bounced through the house.
Ten minutes later Frank got himself dressed.
Arms swinging as high as they can reach.
“Mom come on, we have to hurry, let’s go”
“Okay, no need to yell”.
Looking forward to a dinner out. Frank bolted out the door.
Hopping up into the car Frank buckled tight and they headed off for a great time.
Shifting, kicking, tapping the door.
“Please sit still we are almost there”.
As they pulled up and got out, the excitement in Frank was bursting.
Running, pulling, and leading his mom into the restaurant.
“Frank I’m coming, please calm down”
“Follow me” the server said. “Do you prefer a booth or table?”
Jumping up and into the booth, Frank did not wait for his mom to answer.
Frank began sliding from one end of the seat to the other.
“I’m finding the perfect part of the bench”
With a slight giggle “Frank it’s the same all the way across”
Looking at the menu of choices Frank flipped it from side to side, upside down and backwards.
“I am trying to find the right angle, to see what looks best”
Franks mom looked right at him “How about a burger and fries, you like those”
“Yeah that’s good” Frank grinned.
As he waited for his food to come, Frank got fidgety again.
He tapped his fork, his knife and spoon on his glass.
“I’m making music like the tune?”
“It is pretty loud,” his mom explained.
He kicked, he knocked, he blew bubbles in his pop.
“I’m a one boy band, think I will make it big?”
“You can be anything you want Frank” as she smiled at him.
He clapped, he slid, he hid under the table.
“I’m a dragon in his den, come save me,” he yelled.
“I bet the dragon is hungry, the knights are serving us now”.
“Quick get up here”
Reluctant to do it, Frank came back up.
As he sat with his food Frank picked up a fry.
“It’s a spaceship, it can fly”
“How about that ship flies into its cave, that is where you can keep it safe.”
Frank had ships, planes, trains and cars.
But he ate all his food and his mom was proud.
“Can we do this again mom?” he said out loud.
“Of course, we can but not for a while”. Franks mom was tired from it all.

Wow can you tell that shit is fiction? I definitely can, in real life it’s more like get your ass back up here, if you don’t sit still we are fucking leaving, eat your food or its coming home for breakfast!

Yes I know, I do not write kids books for obvious reasons and the above is a key little story as to why, it may not be great but I love to just write and I love to write things that are based on my life and my kids.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

It’s Fuck It Friday!

OOOOHHHHHH! by the grace of the universe I survived this chaotic bullshit week and arrived upon my fave day! The day I accept the fact it sucked, I am exhausted, it was shear chaos and nothing got fucking accomplished. Yay for Fuck It Friday!

Wednesday my boys worker survived their crazy ass’s and in less than three hours she was able to accomplish more with them than I can in two weeks. I am more than grateful to her for helping, and to the fact my kids do nothing when I ask I say fuck it. kids always seem to be better for others and I am just thankful the worker is still alive after them lol.

Thursday was chaos but work chaos, absolutely fucking insane, i mean it always is a shit show, but the shit show needs a new take! So to this I have decided educating myself again is in the best interest of me. So fuck it I am registering to go back to school again. For the sixth fucking time.

Friday the fuck it all day. Aside from saying fuck it about sucking at getting my kids to do shit and fuck it to my job and going back to school, everything that has not been accomplished is on my fuck it list as I take off for a night Saturday with a couple friends to celebrate and camp!

Husband=fuck it, ditching him with kids, kids=fuck it, ditching them with husband, dirty house=fuck it, nobody visits during covid anyway, laundry=fuck it, I can camp naked, not that others would enjoy this but I definitely would.

Yes Fuck it Friday! It is the most relaxing, releasing day of the week! Let yourself say fuck it, bask in the fucking glory and just be. you survived, you deserve it! Enjoy!

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